Big Design at Big Cork Vineyards

Pairing structural elements that would be found in a typical Maryland barn with clean modern furnishings, we created contrast between rustic and refined.  The bright white quartz counter tops and glass chandelier are the surprise, while fumed wood finishes and concrete floors are simply appropriate.

South Mountain peaks through the northeast windows of the barn so it was a natural place for lounge and café seating.  We added a layer of Echophon panels to provide additional sound absorption. Placing them in a “cloud” fashion and augmenting a few of the panels with LED lights created a stunning ceiling sculpture.

Pure Home - Big Cork Vineyards
This dramatic post and beam entrance is constructed of reclaimed barn wood.


Pure Home - Big Cork Vineyards
Bar stools made of “Big Cork”, we couldn’t resist


Our cloud of lights reflecting on the bright white counter top.



Pure Home - Big Cork Vineyards
Wine and books.


Pure Home - Big Cork Vineyards
A station to sample.


Pure Home - Big Cork Vineyards
Modern lounge seating.

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